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From:Heikki Tuuri Date:November 13 2006 2:08pm
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the reason why was unreachable for some time on Friday was 
that Oracle web administrators moved the DNS records to an Oracle domain 
server. The registrar of is Tucows, and I believe the admins 
made some error which caused Tucows to set as the 
domain server, which made to show as a Google search page. I 
am sorry for the inconvenience this caused for InnoDB users.

Concerning the MySQL AB - Innobase Oy OEM contract, it was renewed in 
spring 2006.

Best regards,

Oracle Corp./Innobase Oy
InnoDB - transactions, row level locking, and foreign keys for MySQL
InnoDB Hot Backup - a hot backup tool for InnoDB which also backs up 
MyISAM tables


My guess is that its intentional.  Oracle is who they are and MySQL is
eating their lunch.  I look for them to kill the product to try to drive
MySQL out of business or make life difficult for them; hence the reason
they're working on a new storage engine of their own.  They tried to buy
MySQL, but when they couldn't they bought up the two pieces of software
that gave MySQL ACID transactions (innodb and Berkely (sp?)).  They will
renegotiate the contract, but make it very expensive for MySQL to license.
  You don't honestly think Oracle is going to be honest about this do you?
They have absolutely no interest in helping MySQL survive.

Sounds pretty fishy to me no matter what they're saying publicly.


Bill MacAllister wrote:
 > --On Friday, November 10, 2006 08:46:50 AM -0500 Curtis Maurand
 > <curtis@stripped> wrote:
 > Please quit telling us that Oracle purchased Innodb.  That is ancient
 > news.
 > The web site had innodb content on it in the past, Heikki
 > signature makes me think that it still should, and it doesn't now.  That
 > is
 > the issue that I raised.  I am guessing, given Reimer's insight, that the
 > domain name registration has expired and someone needs to renew it.  I
 > hope
 > they plan to do that because I found the site useful.
 > Bill
 >> Riemer Palstra wrote:
 >>> On Thu, Nov 09, 2006 at 09:26:52AM -0800, Bill MacAllister wrote:
 >>>> What happened to the Innodb web pages?  What comes up for be is a
 >>>> search page with a bunch of related links on it.  I wanted to pull
 >>>> down a copy of ibbackup documentation and it isn't there anymore.
 >>> Strange indeed, I get the search pages that Tucows/OpenSRS put up when
 >>> they park a domain as soon as a customer lets their domain name
 >>> expire...
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