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From:Paul Nowosielski Date:November 10 2006 9:02pm
Subject:Pulling Percentages From Query
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Dear All,

I'm trying to pull percentages from a query and really don't understand how to 
initiate this.

Here is the low down:

I have a list of venues with the number of acts who performed catoragized by 

For example:

venue_id: 23 blues: 117 rock: 34 world_music:57 ( and so on, there are 24 
genres listed.)

So my question would be how can I write a query to spit out a result set like:
venue_id:24 blues:34(%) rock:12(%) world music:3(%) comedy: 0(%)

Is this possible?

here is the table structure:
venue_id  	int(6)  	   	PRI  	0  	 
Actor 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Adult Contemporary 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Alternative 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Blues 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Children's Entertainment 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Christian 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Classic Rock 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Classical 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Comedy 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Country 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Dance 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Folk 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Holiday 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Jazz 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Latin 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Lecturers & Speakers 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Magician 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Reggae 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Rock 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Sports/Athletics 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Urban 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
Variety 	int(6) 	  	  	0 	 
World Music 	int(6) 	  	  	0

Any help would really be appreciated!



Pulling Percentages From QueryPaul Nowosielski10 Nov
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