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From:Dan Nelson Date:November 8 2006 4:47am
Subject:Re: Slightly bizzare query strategy
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In the last episode (Nov 07), Michael Fischer said:
> Given:
> * A table TABLE_DESC, which is rather like a system table,
> in that it contains the names and column_names of other tables.
> * A table MY_TABLE, which contains "ordinary" data, and has a set
> of rows in TABLE_DESC.
> What I wish to do is to do 
> but without knowing that the name of the table is "MY_TABLE" in
> advance of submitting the query to the db, but rather discovering its
> name from TABLE_DESC in the same query.
> Perhaps this can be done with some combination of setting variables
> within a function or procedure, and views, but I haven't been able to
> work out a way to do it yet.
> The minimal
> set @tname := (SELECT table_name FROM table_desc WHERE id = :id);
> SELECT * FROM @tname; 
> certainly doesn't work....although @tname does contain the expected value.
> Playing games with subqueries has been equally unsuccessful.

You'll need to use a prepared statement to build your query:

Note that you can't use placeholders for the table name itself, so
you'll need to concatenate it into the query string before preparing

	Dan Nelson
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