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From:Dan Buettner Date:October 27 2006 12:51pm
Subject:Re: Re: Order to run ANALYZE, OPTIMIZE and CHECK
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I run CHECK commands against all tables nightly.  Our dataset is
small, so it's quick & easy; for large and/or static datasets daily
might be impractical.  However, if you don't run CHECK regularly, you
don't know your data is good, and it's possible you might have
corruption for a long time before it's caught.  That could mean
corrupted backups, and if it goes on long enough, you might not have
any good backups at all.

I strongly recommend running CHECKs as often as practical.  It's not
just contributing to your peace of mind, it's verifying that your
database is performing properly.


On 10/26/06, Dan Nelson <dnelson@stripped> wrote:
> In the last episode (Oct 27), wolverine my said:
> > Given the commands like ANALYZE, OPTIMIZE and CHECK, what is the
> > preference order to execute these commands?
> OPTIMIZE calculates statistics as it rebuilds the table, so there's no
> need to run an ANALYZE pass after it.  You shouldn't ever need to run a
> CHECK unless your OS or MySQL crashes often. in which case you should
> be filing bug reports :)
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