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From:Ben Clewett Date:October 23 2006 12:49pm
Subject:Upgrade issue
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I am trying to upgrade from 4.1 to 5.1.

Your manual states I should run mysql_upgrade.

But there is no such program in our pre-compiled binary, only a man page!

$ find . -name "mysql_upgrade*"

However the on-line manual states the follows does the same thing:

$ mysqlcheck --check-upgrade --all-databases --auto-repair
$ mysql_fix_privilege_tables

Is this safe?

I only ask because the last time I tried to upgrade, MySQL core-dumped 
every few minutes when an unknown user connected.  So I am looking at 
every incontinuity to try and work out if this is the reason.

Thanks for any help,

Ben Clewett.

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