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From:Joshua J. Kugler Date:October 19 2006 9:08pm
Subject:Re: mysqlclient in Apache
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On Wednesday 18 October 2006 20:44, Dan Nelson wrote:
> In the last episode (Oct 18), Danny Swarzman said:
> > I'm developing an Apache module that uses mySQL. It needs to be able
> > to talk to a remote host.
> >
> > I'm doing this in a Mac.
> >
> > I have a simple program in C that calls mysql_real_connect(). It
> > works with a remote host and with the localhost.
> >
> > When I put the same code into my Apache module, the call to
> > mysql_real_connect() fails.
> >
> > Anyone have any idea why this is happening?
> In the last episode (Oct 18), Danny Swarzman said:
> > I posted a question about running mysql in an Apache module. Maybe I
> > need a list with a different focus. Please suggest.
> This list is fine; you just need to include more detail, I think.  Like
> the error code you get from mysql_real_connect(), for starters.

You might want to look at the source code for mod_auth_mysql (apache module) 
for some pointers on doing stuff like that.  Hope that helps.


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