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From:Yannick Gingras Date:October 13 2006 4:35pm
Subject:Using posix users
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  I have a computer lab where students learn bioinformatics.  The
courses include a crash course on database and we want to use MySQL
since it is a popular engine for bioinformatics.

No one like to remember multiple passwords and since want each student
to have its own MySQL user and database I wanted to make a mapping
between the database users and the posix users.  Unfortunately I can't
find how to do that.  

Let's to be a bit more explicit on what I want to do, I would like the
user foo in MySQL to be authenticated though pam on the posix user
foo.  That way if foo changes his password with passwd, he will
automatically change his MySQL password.  This is what happens with
Postgresql with the shell command

  createuser foo

Is it possible to do the same with MySQL?

Yannick Gingras
Using posix usersYannick Gingras13 Oct
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