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From:George Law Date:October 10 2006 6:56pm
Subject:purging bin logs
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Hi All,

I have a question on purging some old bin-logs.

whats the best way to do it?  

This is a fairly old version - 4.0.18-standard-log.  I have 128 1 GB
files out there, going back 8 months.  

I think the correct syntax is : 
 PURGE BINARY LOGS TO 'mysql-bin.010'; 

but from what the previous admin who I inherited this from says, this
locks up the whole database while its purging the logs.

Are there any low-impact solutions?

This is a fairly high traffic DB, so locking up the database really is
not an option.


George Law
glaw at

purging bin logsGeorge Law10 Oct
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