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From:Martijn Tonies Date:October 6 2006 7:32am
Subject:Re: multiple primary keys on one table?
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> I have a primary key set on a table which consists of the combination of
> values: firstname, lastname, and a schedule_id (BIGINT(20))... I have this
> so the records in this table do not have duplicates, being that no one
> record should have the exact same name and schedule_id identifier.
> However, I want to keep this same restriction while also ensuring that no
> two records have the same email_address and schedule_id identifier...
> You can't have the db enforce two different primary keys on one table, so
> how would I implement having this kind of restriction, which, in itself,
> seems to require that I have a second primary key to enforce another
> constraint to dissalow records to be added that carry the same combination
> of: email_address and schedule_id?

You cannot have multiple PRIMARY key constraints, that's why it's
called "primary".

You can, however, use multiple "unique constraints", which do (almost)
the same.

With regard to other replies: indices are used for quick data retrieval,
constraints for business requirements. That there happens to be something
as a "unique index" is an implementation artifact.

Martijn Tonies
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