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From:Steve Buehler Date:October 1 2006 2:15pm
Subject:Re: comparing two databases
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         I want to thank all of you that responded to my question.  I 
have not tried all of the programs yet, but I think I will when I get 
time.  I have tried DBTools Manager Enterprise Edition and it does 
what I was looking for and more.  I might even purchase it after I 
test it some more and see that it will do everything that I need for 
other things too.  I like that it can do a type of CVS for a database 
too.  A couple of long term projects that I am on could really use 
something like that.


At 05:45 AM 9/29/2006, COS wrote:
>Look at DBTools Manager Enterprise Edition
>It compares the dbs and shows the changes in a Tree View. You can select
>which changes will apply or not and view the DDL commands before apply them
>to the destination.
>Screenshot available at
>Best Regards,
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>Subject: comparing two databases
> > Is there a program out there that I can use to compare two
> > databases?  Just the structure, not the content.
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