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From:Renito 73 Date:September 30 2006 2:20am
Subject:Joining *3* tables
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Hello list

I have a large database of contacts, but since not all fields are used I 
decided to separate all information in 3 tables to save space like this:

id int
address char(128)
... three columns more ...

id int
company char(64)

id int
list char(16)

Not all addresses have necesarily a company name, so it is separate in a table 
DB_COMPANY. Some other addresses are clasified in lists by category and they 
are grouped in DB_LISTS table.

If I want a report with address and company name pairs I use:

select address,company from DB_ADDRESS left join DB_COMPANY on where is not null;

If I want a report of address belonging to a certain category:

select address,list from DB_ADDRESS left join DB_LISTS on where is not null and 

BUT... If I want to generate a report with address, company and list 
(category) how can I join the three tables with a single query? or should I 
first generate a temporal table with the result of the first join and then a 
second one joining the third table?

Thanks for your comments

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