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From:Henda Carvalho Date:September 27 2006 11:00pm
Subject:Re: [mysql]Concurrency with inserts
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One more question,

What kind of tables does mysql create by default? innodb or myisam?

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On 9/27/06, Dan Nelson <dnelson@stripped> wrote:
> In the last episode (Sep 27), Henda Carvalho said:
> > The links that you gave me doesn't say what is suposed to happen if 2
> > different users are trying to make an insert (using the insert
> > statement) to the same table.
> >
> > Will the transaction abort for one of the users?
> No; they will both proceed.  If you are using innodb tables, client A
> won't see the records inserted by client B until B commits (and vice
> versa).  If using myisam, each client will see the others' records
> immediately.
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>         Dan Nelson
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