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From:Dan Nelson Date:September 22 2006 4:45pm
Subject:Re: MIT Kerberos integration with MySQL
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In the last episode (Sep 22), Whisler, David said:
> Does anyone know if MySQL currently integrates with MIT Kerberos
> authentication (
> <> .  And if not, are they working on
> this for a future release?  MIT Kerberos has broad use in government,
> academic and research institutions as well as some corporate
> environments.  In addition, Microsoft has implemented it's own
> version of Kerberos.  And Oracle integrates with it, which enables us
> to have "single-sign on" for our Oracle Database applications once we
> have logged into our network, but we'd like to have this same
> function available for our MySQL databases as well.

There's already a "Permit authentification outside of mysql" bug report

Must be pretty far down on the todo list, though..

	Dan Nelson
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