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From:Quentin Bennett Date:September 19 2006 9:06pm
Subject:RE: phpinfo() "Client API version 3.23.49 "
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The 3.23.49 is the version of the client that php is using.

This may been what it was compiled with, or what it is getting from an external library.

If it is compiled that way, you'll need a new compile of php including the newer client
library. If its a runtime load, you may get away with replacing the .so or .dll file (I'm
not sure).

The 3.23 client will connect to the 4.1.1 server, but you may have to read up on the new
password formats.



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Subject: phpinfo() "Client API version 3.23.49 "

      I am using apache2.0+php4.3.4+mysql 4.1.1 in windows. If I type
phpinfo(); , in mysql section it is coming as "Client API version
3.23.49" . Is the installation correct?. Will the php connect to the
mysql 4.1.1 server?. If i need to see "Client API version 4.1.1" in
mysql section, what should I do. Can someone help me on this.


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phpinfo() "Client API version 3.23.49 "Muthu19 Sep
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