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From:afan Date:September 19 2006 1:19pm
Subject:access to mysql from outside
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what I have to do to be able to access to mysql on my web server from
other computer?
e.g., I want to access to web server using MySQL Administrator?
I have root access to web server.
As far as I know, mysql server is set up by edfault to be acessed only
through "localhost" and I have to add permission to specific IP to be able
to access it.

please, how?

on google I found this:

"If you CAN connect to the databse from the local host, but you get a
can't connect message from a remote host,
you meight want to check, if the "skip-networking" option in
/etc/mysql/my.conf is enabled.

the access from a remote host is disabled by default using:

bind-address =

If the the access from a remote host is needed you should comment this
line and also:


first, I dont have /etc/mysql/my.conf file (mandrake 10.0) but have
/etc/my.cnf and there skip-networking is already commented. and there is
no line with bind-address?

Found this too:
"To restrict the access to port 3306 you may use in /etc/hosts.deny:

mysql: ALL

and in /etc/hosts.allow:


is this enough?

thanks for any help.

access to mysql from outsideafan19 Sep
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