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From:Paul DuBois Date:December 3 1999 5:11am
Subject:Re: Spawning more than one threads in BSDi/FreeBSD
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At 11:36 AM +0700 12/3/99, Gunardi Wu wrote:
>Sorry if the question sounds silly :)
>In comparation to Linux, running safe_mysqld in BSDi/FreeBSD spawns only one
>mysqld (process/thread?) and not three (or more, depends on the
>setting in safe_mysqld scripts? in Linux box). Is there any difference in
>performance in both system? For example, in BSDi box, if mysqld is 
>processing a
>slow query other queries should wait until the first query finished. I guess,
>in Linux box, if the table is not locked than other queries will be run by
>another idle thread and will not wait until the first slow query get done, is
>that true? no?
>If there is any significant performance loss compared to mysql in 
>Linux box, is
>there a way to overcome the problem?

The "problem" is simply an artifact of the way that Linux reports
each thread as a separate PID and BSD doesn't.  If there are performance
differences, it will be for reasons other than that; you need not be
concerned about it.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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