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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 18 1999 12:45pm
Subject:constant database corruption
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>>>>> "unknown" == unknown  <unknown@stripped> writes:

unknown> every single day, I end up with this:
unknown> Checking ISAM file: outhits
unknown> Data records:   10604   Deleted blocks:   18049
unknown> - check file-size
unknown> - check delete-chain
unknown> isamchk: error: delete-link-chain corrupted
unknown> - check index reference
unknown> - check data record references index: 1
unknown> isamchk: error: Found key at page 22528 that points to record outside
unknown> datafile
unknown> ISAM-table 'outhits' is corrupted
unknown> Fix it using switch "-r" or "-o"

unknown> I'm not sure what the cause is.  It wasn't happening before -- now it's
unknown> *ever* day.  Any ideas?  I'm using 3.22.20a, but it was also happening on
unknown> 3.22.13 before I upgraded (in a vain attempt to fix it).

unknown> ---
unknown> tani hosokawa
unknown> river styx internet


Are you sure the MySQL server wasn't updating the table while you ran isamchk?

Please read the suggestions at:

If you can find any way to replicate this, we will be able to provide
a patch very fast!

Note that if you are using a table with VARCHAR and without
BLOBS, you can try changing all VARCHAR to CHAR.  This will force
MySQL to use a fixed size rows.  These takes a little extra place, but 
are much more tolerant for corruption!

The current dynamic row code has been in use at TCX for at least 3
years without any problems, but by nature dynamic length rows are more
prone to errors so it may be a good idea to try if the above helps!

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