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From:Dan Nelson Date:September 7 2006 5:04pm
Subject:Re: View hidden temporary files
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In the last episode (Sep 07), informatica@stripped said:
> In says 
> "MySQL creates all temporary files as hidden files. This ensures that
> the temporary files are removed if mysqld is terminated. The
> disadvantage of using hidden files is that you do not see a big
> temporary file that fills up the filesystem in which the temporary
> file directory is located."
> Is there any form of see the length of the temporary files created by
> MySQL?

If you install the lsof program, you can ask it to print all
filehandles opened by mysql with a link count less than one (i.e.
deleted but still-open files):

$ lsof -c mysqld -a +L1

mysqld  70195 mysql   45u  VREG  0,120 463317867     0 12500 /usr (/dev/da0s1f)
mysqld  70195 mysql   46u  VREG  0,120 132005329     0 12520 /usr (/dev/da0s1f)

	Dan Nelson
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