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From:James Eaton Date:September 7 2006 4:58pm
Subject:MySQL 3.23 bind-address
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I have a legacy app that only supports MySQL 3.23.  I'd like to run it 
along with 5.0.24a on a Windows 2000 server, with each instance using the 
standard port 3306.  So I need to have each instance bound to just one IP 

In MySQL 3.23 can you specify a bind-address in the my.ini file, or can it 
only be specified using the command line option --bind-address=IP?  I can 
only find documentation for the command-line option.  If it _can_ be 
designated in the ini file, which form does it take?

set-variable = bind-address=



MySQL 3.23 bind-addressJames Eaton7 Sep