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From:ESV Media GmbH Date:September 6 2006 3:05pm
Subject:Getting next Birthdays
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Hello MySQL-User,

i need your help with the following query.
I want to get the next birthdays of my friends, but not only the one of 
this year.
So when im in december ( or november ) i want to see the birthdays of 
next year too....
With my query i only see the birthdays of this year :

SELECT SQL_CACHE DISTINCT fname,lname, mem.mem_id AS p_id, 
DATE_FORMAT(mem.birthday,'%d.%m') AS geburtstag,

as tage
FROM members mem
INNER JOIN network n ON ( ( n.mid = 1 AND n.action = 1 AND ) OR ( = 1 AND n.action = 1 AND n.mid=mem.mem_id) )

Thx a lot !!!



spacemarc schrieb:
> 2006/9/6, Miles Thompson <miles@stripped>:
>> First of all - please reply to the list ..
>> I thought you wanted all fields, that's the way your SELECT statement is
>> constructed. If just the first 20 char from fieldA, then ...
>>          SELECT LEFT(fieldA, 20) AS fieldA FROM Tab1
>> should do what you want. Again, check the syntax for LEFT() in the 
>> MySQL docs.
> the syntax is valid:
> from
> "LEFT(str,len) returns the leftmost len characters from the string
> str, or NULL if any argument is NULL."
> mysql> SELECT LEFT('foobarbar', 5);
>        -> 'fooba'
> I have 30 fields: instead writing all 30 fields, I would want to
> select them all with * and only for one of they, fieldA, to obtain the
> first 20 chars: it's possible?

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