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From:mizioumt Date:August 31 2006 8:03pm
Subject:Re: Group By question
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select * from t where emailaddress in
(select emailaddress from t group by emailaddress having count(*) > 1)
order by emailaddress;


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Sent: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 5:17 PM
Subject: Group By question

I have a table of people with one of the fields being the email 
address. I would like to query all rows that have more than one person 
with the same email address. For example if the data were like this...

A 123@stripped
B 456@stripped
C 984@stripped
D 123@stripped
E 456@stripped
F 321@stripped

The query would return row A, D, B, and E, in that order. It would not 
return C or F

-- Chris W

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