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From:Ludwig Pummer Date:August 28 2006 8:54pm
Subject:Re: Server-Crash - What to do?
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Karel W. Dingeldey wrote:
> Ok, I will do it more clearly. The server has two harddisks, one for the 
> system, one for the data. The system harddisk breaked, hardware failure. It 
> seems that this happed while mysqld was writing some data, so that some 
> tables are corrupted. Most tables are reconstructable, only the one where I 
> have only the MYD file is very important.
> On filesystem level I made all rescue trials. My problem is, that only the MYD 
> file is still available. I tried reconstructing it with "myisamchk -r -o 
> table_name.MYD", but as I said without the wanted result.
> My question is, if there is any solution to get a working table from this MYD 
> file. Because the data is saved in this file, IMHO it should. Am I right?

If you're using MyISAM tables, then you should have an .MYD (data), .MYI 
(index) and .frm (table definition?) file for every table. If you don't 
have a backup copy (or two) of your MYD file by now, make one. Then try 
repeating the CREATE TABLE statement that defines the table. If you can 
get a CREATE TABLE that exactly matches the table definition previously 
used, the data in the MYD file may be accessible again. You may have to 
move the MYD file out of the way while you do the CREATE TABLE.

How you get your CREATE TABLE statement is up to you. Have you got a 
mysqldump created since the last time the table definion was changed? 
Was it automatically created by some program which uses the database? If 
you can't get anywhere with that and the data is valuable, you should 
consider paid support.

--Ludwig Pummer
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