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From:Martins Date:August 27 2006 6:44pm
Subject:Re: Server-Crash - What to do?
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At first - do not write anything on the corrupted disk until You have 
finished rescuing data. As I understad the crash is connected to HW or 
filesystem (FS) failure (HDD). In that case try to use fsck to repair FS 
(if it is regular linux FS, like ext2 or ext3, for xfs there were some 
other utils), do not use myisamchk at first. If Your data is really 
valuable I would recommend bit-by-bit copy of disk content to similar 
disk using dd, then try to restore data on that disk (the copy). If You 
make some mistakes or something goes wrong (on copy), You will still 
have source disk to start over again (with bit by bit copy). After You 
have done rescuing FS, use myisamchk on rescued tables.


Karel W. Dingeldey wrote:
> Hello,
> yesterday my server crashed. The harddisk got corrupted, including some MySQL 
> table files. So MySQL can't see some of its tables, although the table files 
> are visible on the filesystem. Is it possible to repair the files? It's a 
> MySQL 4.1 (Debian Sarge). 
> From one table I only have the MYD file. The documentation says, that this is 
> the file with the data in it. I hope it's possible to reconstruct this table, 
> too?!
> Thanks,
> Karel W. Dingeldey
> PS: I already tried with "myisamchk -r -o *.MY*", but then all datasets are 
> gone and the table is empty. :-(

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