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From:Karl Larsen Date:August 26 2006 8:18pm
Subject:How a VIEW is stored
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    I was working with my version 5 and made a couple of views which are 
very useful. Looking in the db I was able to see the VIEW's saved as 

    This was a surprise and not sure if this is the expected result or 
not. Then I did some SELECT that involved the VIEW and it does work a 
lot like another TABLE, but it can and mine does take data from many 
TABLE's into a VIEW.

    You can write a SELECT or even another VIEW using a VIEW. But if you 
keep track of the time used by a query, it starts to get too long if 
you  use a SELECT of a VIEW that has within it another VIEW.

Karl Larsen

How a VIEW is storedKarl Larsen26 Aug
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