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From:nigel wood Date:August 26 2006 7:18pm
Subject:Re: IP Address Function?
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Chris Knipe wrote:

> Hi,
> I need to make *allot* of queries from a application dealing with IP 
> Addresses.  At the moment, I'm storing IP addresses as a VARCHAR(16).  
> I would *like* to store them as Integers by converting the IP to it's 
> numerical equivalent.  I believe this would also save a enormous 
> amount of table space.
> The problem is, I *must* do the conversion as part of my SQL Query.  
> Either during the SELECT/UPDATE/INSERT, or via a Procedure... And I 
> must obviously also be able to convert the Integer back into a IP 
> address during queries....
> Is this at all possible???
> mytable

MySQL has dotted IP string to integer (and vice versa)  conversion 
functions.  You'd use them in queries like:

insert into  mytable set IPaddress = funcName('');
select funcName(IPaddress) as strIPaddress, IPaddress as intIPaddress 
from mytable;

I suspect you posted to the list before attempting to the functions in 
the online documentation so I'll  simply confirm they exist and leave 
you to: Do Your Own Research by Reading The Fine Manual.

Nigel Wood

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