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From:Mikhail Berman Date:August 24 2006 2:19pm
Subject:RE: Allow other host
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Hi Andreas,

On the local host using mysql database. Execute the following command at
mysql prompt:

Mysql>grant all privileges on [database_name].* to 'user'@'remote_host'
identified by 'password'

Please read more about this at or whatever version of
MySQL you have.


Mikhail Berman

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Subject: Allow other host


I have a mysql DB running on a Windows XP machine.
I can access it locally via mysql command, I have also a ODBC driver
installed and the test says it works ok.
When I try to connect from a remote host via JDBC I get the error
message that this host is not allowed to access the db.

How can I enable a external host to access this DB ?

It is possible to configure this from command line ?
( winmysqladmin is not working properly on this machine )


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