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From:Chris Knipe Date:August 21 2006 7:07pm
Subject:Re: Audit trail
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Well MySQL will see all the changes coming from a single user (the user who 
the web site connects to the database as).  You'll have to add your own 
routines to log that info to a table or something...

Unless ofcourse, I'm missing something, which I doubt :)


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Subject: Audit trail

>I would like to create an audit trail for one table in my DB.  Users will 
>login to my web site and be able to enter and edit information, I want to 
>keep a record of what changes are made by what user.  These users will be 
>web site users and not actual MySQL users.  Is there an easy method in 
>MySQL to do this, or do I just need to write code to track any changes as 
>they are entered?
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