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From:Mike Blezien Date:August 21 2006 2:34am
Subject:Re: Calculation distances
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this is something very similar to what we are attempting to accomplish:

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Subject: Re: Calculation distances

> Mike Blezien wrote:
>> Hello,
>> we are working on a small project which needs to calculate the closest 
>> distances
>> from an address and/or zipcode entered into a search box. It will read from a
>> MySQL database of companies, which store their address and zipcodes.
>> looking for the best way to approach this. I've seen some zipcode Perl 
>> modules on
>> Cpan, but nothing for helping calculation distances. Can someone point me in 
>> the
>> right direction to accomplish this ... thx's :)
> The zip code tables usually give a lat long location somewhere near the center 
> of that zip code (which can be HUGE in rural areas) You can then use some math 
> that with give you the distance between the coordinates of 2 zip codes.  Here 
> is a web site I found for help when doing similar calculations.  Remember that 
> this type of math usually wants angle measurements in radians, not degrees.
> -- 
> Chris W
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