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From:Bruce Ferrell Date:August 20 2006 8:48pm
Subject:Re: Getting 5 to run
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look in /var/lib/mysql for the error file.  make sure /var/lib/mysql is 
owned by mysql

Karl Larsen wrote:
>        I am trying to get mysql 5 to run on my Fedora Core 4 linux. I
> installed both server and client RPM files. The info is good and using that
> I am trying to do the post-install. I ran mysql_install_db as a user and it
> failed. Then I tried as root and it seemed to work. But one thing it 
> says to
> do I cannot find. It says:
> To start mysqld at boot time you have to copy support-files/mysql.server
> to the right place for your system
> I have no idea where support-files are or where the "right place" is.
>        When I try to start mysqld_safe it errors out with this:
> [root@k5di mysql]# mysqld_safe &
> [1] 6501
> [root@k5di mysql]# Starting mysqld daemon with databases from 
> /var/lib/mysql
> STOPPING server from pid file /var/run/mysqld/
> 060820 14:27:48  mysqld ended
>        So I can set up the DB but not start mysqld. Does anyone have an
> idea what I am doing wrong? I'm just following the info instructions.
> Karl Larsen

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