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From:Steve Edberg Date:August 19 2006 11:09am
Subject:Re: Managing big mysqldump files
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At 4:03 PM +0530 8/19/06, Anil  wrote:
>Hi List,
>We are facing a problem of managing mysqldump out put file which is
>currently of size  80 GB and it is growing daily by 2 - 3 GB, but we have a
>linux partition of only 90 GB.. Our backup process is  first generate the
>mysqldump file of total database and then compress the dump file and remove
>the dump file. Is there any way  to get compressed dump file instead of
>generating dump file and then compressing it later. Any ideas or suggestions

Short answer: Yes -

mysqldump <mysqldump options> | gzip > outputfile.gz

Other alternatives:

You could direct output to a filesystem that is larger than the 90GB 
filesystem you mention (perhaps NFS mounted?).

You could pipe the output of gzip through ssh to a remote server.

You could use bzip2, which compresses substantially better than gzip, 
but with a significant performance/speed penalty (that is, do 
mysqldump | bzip2 > outputfile.bz2).

Try 'man gzip' and 'man bzip2' for more info.


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