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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 12 1999 11:49am
Subject:Accessing MySQL database from the server running on differnet m/c
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>>>>> "Sachin" == Sachin Goyal <sachin@stripped>
> writes:

Sachin> hello,

Sachin> I am a newbie in Mysql use..i want to access some mysql database from a
Sachin> m/c other than the mysql server running m/c.

Sachin> I have tried to connect using mysql client...but failed..i think tha t
Sachin> mysql server on Server m/c only accepts unix socket connections, not tcp
Sachin> socket connections..

Sachin> IN safe_mysqld file: original conf.

Sachin> #Default communication ports
Sachin> #MYSQL_TCP_PORT=3306
Sachin> if test -z "$MYSQL_UNIX_PORT"
Sachin> then
Sachin>   MYSQL_UNIX_PORT="/tmp/mysql.sock"
Sachin>   export MYSQL_UNIX_PORT
Sachin> fi
Sachin> #export MYSQL_TCP_PORT

Sachin> I have tried now with '#' removed from TCP_PORT file, even than no
Sachin> use...what other changes i need to do...

Sachin> Any help will be appreciated..


MySQL should normally always have TCP/IP support;  You can verify this 
by doing 'mysqladmin variables' and check the 'port' variable.

The MySQL manual gives you a lot of tips how you can check that TCP/IP 

Normally you should be able to do:

mysqladmin -h remote-host-name version

to check that a remote MySQL server works with TCP/IP.

Accessing MySQL database from the server running on differnet m/cSachin Goyal11 Mar
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