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From:Josh Milane Date:August 13 2006 1:45pm
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I realize that this is a silly question, but I cannot figure it out. I
don't know why. Id really appreciate your help.

I cannot get mysql to do general logging. My my.ini reads like this:


#This File was made using the WinMySQLAdmin 1.4 Tool
#8/4/2006 9:31:16 PM

#Uncomment or Add only the keys that you know how works.
#Read the MySQL Manual for instructions

#language=C:/XAMPP/xampp/mysql/share/your language directory
#slow query log#=


I start the service, no hostname.log is created. Even if I don't run it
as a service, it does not work. 

Permissions are set... this is my machine at home and I am running as
Admin. Even if I create the file manually, it doesn't get updated.

For one second, unexplicably, it DID log one line. Then it stopped and
did no more. This is happening here at home and at work... and I need to
be able to see the sql being executed on my server.

The error log is working fine. 

Any ideas? I sure would appreciate it.

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From: Steffan A. Cline [mailto:steffan@stripped] 
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Subject: Group by with an IF

I have the following query:

select *, 
if( season_week_date = "2006-08-16", "on", "off" ) as stat,
sum(overall_points) as total_points
from rosters r 
left join celebs c 
on c.celeb_id = r.celeb_id
and user_id=1
group by r.celeb_id
order by overall_rank, ln, fn;

It almost works as expected however the problem I am concerned about is
I never get a stat saying "On" after it resolves. Removing the sum() and
adding group I get the total_points as expected but now the results are
always off.

Can anyone shed any light on this one?



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