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From:Daniel da Veiga Date:August 8 2006 4:55pm
Subject:Re: Version 4.1.9 crash
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On 8/8/06, Ben Clewett <ben@stripped> wrote:
> Dear MySQL,
> I posted a problem with 4.1.9 crashing when reading data from a InnodB
> HotBackup image, and then encountering a foreign key conflict.

Have you tried another tool to backup and restore?

> I can't talk to InnoDB, they make it very clear on their web site that
> they do not offer support until money changes hands.  This will not
> happen if their product crashes MySQL.

I would expect that this project values their time and effort, and
while they provide most of its package for free, you couldn't expect
them to jump out and give you full support while they have paying
people asking for their problems to be solved.

> Besides which, it is MySQL which is crashing.  Their on-trial HotBackup
> product is working perfectly.

Not so perfectly if it is not compliant with your server, after all,
its the product of the execution of the tool that's crashing MySQL.

> Nobody answered my posting.  Considering the severity of this problem I
> am surprised by this.  Surely MySQL care that their product contains a
> flaw which causes complete failure of their product?

Its severe. And personal. I haven't seen anyone complaining about this
particular tool in foruns or mailing lists about MySQL (at least the
ones I'm subscribed). Failure that occurs in specific
hardware/software/environment combination is not really severe.

> Is there anybody I can talk to about this?  Anybody who has some advise
> on how to stop MySQL crashing?

First of ALL. Upgrade to the latest 4.1 release. I believe its 4.1.21.
That should solve a lot of bugs, a particular app o'mine only works
with 4.1.11 and above, and sincerely, the most complex query this app
has its a select with limit and order by clauses.

> Or provide a small shell script to restart MySQL each time it crashes??

You're doying this in a automated process? There are lots of small
server tools to monitor MySQL, heartbeat is good, I believe Nagios can
do that too, can't it? And you can always write a small script to
connect, issue an status query and disconnect, and upon failure launch
MySQL, but this kind of workaround is in most cases something to

My advice: first of ALL, upgrade. Then, try again, if it fails, change
your backup tool, if you have any other issue, come back and we may

Good luck.

Daniel da Veiga
Computer Operator - RS - Brazil
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