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From:Dan Buettner Date:August 8 2006 2:54pm
Subject:Re: Version 4.1.9 crash
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Sort of a chicken/egg problem - no support until you pay, but you
won't pay until your problem is fixed?  Have you contacted them to
inquire whether this is a problem they could help you with if you did
pay for support?

Another avenue to pursue might be a support contract with MySQL.  We
had one at my last job, and while we only availed ourselves of it
twice in 5 years, when we did they were knowledgeable, thorough, and
professional.  Again, you might inquire whether this is a problem they
could help you with if you were to purchase support.

I'd respectfully suggest that, at least given the info you've provided
below, it's hard to make the claim that their HotBackup product is
working perfectly, since using the backup it creates results in a
crashing database server.  I would not consider that to be "working
perfectly".  It's hard to say where the fault may lie with the info

As a first stab I suggest you update to the most current 4.1.x
release, 4.1.21.  I would expect that to be the about the first piece
of advice you would receive from either InnoDB or MySQL support, as
many, many bugfixes have occured in the last several months.


On 8/8/06, Ben Clewett <ben@stripped> wrote:
> Dear MySQL,
> I posted a problem with 4.1.9 crashing when reading data from a InnodB
> HotBackup image, and then encountering a foreign key conflict.
> I can't talk to InnoDB, they make it very clear on their web site that
> they do not offer support until money changes hands.  This will not
> happen if their product crashes MySQL.
> Besides which, it is MySQL which is crashing.  Their on-trial HotBackup
> product is working perfectly.
> Nobody answered my posting.  Considering the severity of this problem I
> am surprised by this.  Surely MySQL care that their product contains a
> flaw which causes complete failure of their product?
> Is there anybody I can talk to about this?  Anybody who has some advise
> on how to stop MySQL crashing?
> Or provide a small shell script to restart MySQL each time it crashes??
> Regards,
> Ben Clewett.
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