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From:Brad Jahnke Date:August 5 2006 4:37pm
Subject:Re: stuck on localhost authentication
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>   insert into user (user,host) values ('jeff','localhost');
>   flush privileges;
>   grant all on databaseName.* to jeff;

jeff = jeff@%

not jeff@localhost

So in your statement you should have used...

grant all on databaseName.* to jeff@localhost;

>    select user,host from user; returns
>         jeff  localhost
> In Java, I use:
>    DriverManager.getConnection( /localhost/databaseName , 'jeff',null );
> when the application tries to connect, DriverManager.getConnection() gets a
> bad handshake error.
> So I set the password in mysql with:
>      set password for jeff = password('xyz');

Similarly... you need to use jeff@localhost

> now select user,host, password from user; returns 2 rows
>             jeff localhost
>             jeff     %      *4232432323
> I think this is the problem - the following getConnection() method is
> directed to the 2nd entry because it has a password, but it's not localhost
> so my localhost-based Java app is denied.
> In Java, I use:
>     DriverManager.getConnection( /localhost/tm , 'jeff','xyz' );
> Then I get an authentication failed error.

Connector/J on 'nix types, only works via TCP/IP.  Your app may be trying to
connect via unix socket.  If the user/password fix does not work specify in your connection setting (or even omit host since is
default host value).  Also, make sure your MySQL server is listening via
TCP/IP.  If it is not, be sure to take the necessary security precautions
before doing so, and/or just enable TCP/IP on (the  user
jeff@localhost is valid for connections on

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