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From:Ken Menzel Date:August 4 2006 7:21pm
Subject:Re: mysqldump large file (>2GBs) : some tests
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I just saw your e-mail.

  We use mysqldump on solaris 9 with large files all the time.  Is the 
partition you are writng the file to mounted with the largefiles 
option in /etc/mnttab?

Our mysql dump files are 25 gig.


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Subject: mysqldump large file (>2GBs) : some tests


This is kind of a follow up of the previous thread "Got errno 27 on
write. file too large" and kind of a survey. The problem was :  on a
solaris 9, 64 bits and mysql 4.1.7, I could not mysqldump in a file 
than 2G .  Thank you to the people that help me.

I make a new thread since my question is different: is there anybody
using that version of mysql (more or less) and that version of Solaris
and be able to mysqldump more than 2GBs. If so I would appreciate to
have more details on revision etc. ?

Here is why I am asking this question:

Since it appears it was the revision on my server that might be the
problem, but because the upgrade could not be done in short term and
because Sun Support did not find any problem of that sort on the 
I decide to forget about the mysqldump for now and copy files for

But then I wondered if, later on, as my datafiles increase in size, I
will have the problem with the 2 gbs limitation for the datafiles
themselves . Which would be much worse. But I  succeded in dumping 
in one table. Good news! Then I wonder if my OS allows to do that, how
come it does not work for mysqldump.

Thank you in advance

Johanne Duhaime

mysqldump large file (>2GBs) : some testsDuhaime Johanne24 Jul
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