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From:Ligaya Turmelle Date:August 4 2006 5:57am
Subject:Re: How do I find all the users that are new since my last login
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Daevid Vincent wrote:
> I have a SQL challenge I'm not sure how to solve. But it's so common, I feel
> kind of stupid asking this...
> I have a 'user' table with 'login_date' which is an auto updated DATETIME
> column and a 'created_on' which is a DATETIME (but not updated after the
> record is created the first time)
> I want to show a list of users who are new since my last login. But the
> problem is that my last login changes for every page load (i.e. it is
> updated so that I can guestimate if a user is logged in still or not... I
> consider 10m to be the window, since rarely do users ever officially
> 'logout').
> So I think I need to have a SQL query that only deals with the date, not the
> mins/secs? I'm just not sure the optimum way to do this.
> The other challenging part seems to me that as soon as 'login_date' is
> updated, then everyone that was 'new' is now 'old' because the login_date
> just got updated right? I kinda want the 'new' user status to persist for
> the whole session [or maybe even the whole day (that is, I could logout/in
> and those people would still show as new) -- but I can live with just being
> new for the session]
> How is this sort of thing usually handled? Do I need another column that
> isn't auto-updated and that just get's set upon each new 'login' session?
> Unlike a "message board" or web based "email" system, I CAN'T flag each user
> as viewed or something like that. This feature is for a "network" type
> scenario where a user can see new users added to their network of friends
> since the last time they logged in. Or so the Administrators can see all new
> users. This type of thing.
> And what is the optimal SQL incantation to deal with just the date portions
> and ignore the hh:mm:ss part?
> ÐÆ5ÏÐ 
DATE() - or maybe DATE_FORMAT() if you want a specific format


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How do I find all the users that are new since my last loginDaevid Vincent4 Aug
Re: How do I find all the users that are new since my last loginLigaya Turmelle4 Aug