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From:Daevid Vincent Date:August 4 2006 3:13am
Subject:I have 972 vmware-bin.000XXX files!
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I use a VMware for LAMP development work. 

I just looked in my /var/lib/mysql dir and there are 972 of these
vmware-bin.000001 ... vmware-bin.000972 files! Yipes!

Do I need them? Can I delete them? How do I prevent them from being created
all the time?

Can't they all just go into one vmware-bin file (as in append, like a .log
file does)?

I saw this post, but it doesn't answer any questions:,74385,74385

Googling for 'mysql bin.000001' seems to indicate these are related to
replication -- I'm not using replication.


P.S. I found this link:
Which says to run "reset master;" -- which did get rid of them for now, but
my questions above are still valid.

I have 972 vmware-bin.000XXX files!Daevid Vincent4 Aug
RE: I have 972 vmware-bin.000XXX files!SST - Adelaide)4 Aug