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From:Barry Newton Date:August 3 2006 11:47pm
Subject:Re: Running Totals?
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At 04:15 PM 8/3/2006, Brent Baisley wrote:
>You might look into WITH ROLLUP. That could easily give you cumulative 
>totals for the year, but off the top of my head I can't think of a way to 
>get it for the months.
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>Subject: Running Totals?
>>Back with another registration db question:
>>Have a convention database which tracks people as they register all year 
>>long; the actual convention is held in October.  I've got a fairly simple 
>>query which shows how many people registered in each calendar 
>>month--useful to compare to prior year to see if we're at least on track 
>>with our count.
>>It would make life easier if I could also show a column with the 
>>cumulative count for each month.  The existing output is:

That's what happens with ROLLUP.  I'm looking into a possible subquery 
approach just now.  If it works, it will be worth it's own post.


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