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From:Devananda Date:July 30 2006 3:10pm
Subject:Re: Stored procedures
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Jon wrote:
> Hi list
> I'm trying to make stored procedures use parameters for limit and tables, I
> guess this is either me using the wrong datatype or it's not possible.  I'm
> having the same issue with seting the table for the query:
> CREATE  PROCEDURE sp_test1 (IN some_limit int)
> select * from some_table limit some_limit;
> and
> CREATE  PROCEDURE sp_test2 (IN some_table table)
> select * from some_table;
> Both fail with "ERROR 1064 (42000)".
> Can someone please shed some light on this for me? Is this a problem with
> procedures not being able to do this or is it wrong datatypes or something
> completely different?
> Thanks in advance
> Jon

It sounds like what you need is dynamic SQL in your stored procedures. 
Check out for some good 
examples, more complex than what you're asking about, but they should 
shed light on what you need to do.

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