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From:Dilipkumar Date:July 26 2006 1:24pm
Subject:Re: Adding Foreign Key Fails
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Is this a InnoDB table.

Thanks & Regards
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Subject: Adding Foreign Key Fails

>I am trying to add a foreign key to one of my tables. When I execute the 
>following SQL Code:
> ALTER TABLE `bpa`.`confinvitems` ADD CONSTRAINT `FK_confinvitems_1` 
> FOREIGN KEY `FK_confinvitems_1` (`InvDetID`)
> REFERENCES `confinvdet` (`ID`)
> I get the error:
> MySQL Error Number 1452
> Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails 
> (`bpa/#sql-162c_1b`, CONSTRAINT `FK_confinvitems_1` FOREIGN KEY 
> (`InvDetID`) REFERENCES `confinvdet` (`ID`) ON DELETE CASCADE)
> I have checked, and all the indexes seem to be in place, the data types 
> are exactly the same.  There are no duplicate ID's in the ConfInvDet 
> table.  Any idea what this error means, and how to fix it?
> Thanks,
> Jesse
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