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From:Jon Molin Date:July 25 2006 3:09pm
Subject:Re: Stored procedures
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On 7/25/06, Chris White <chriswhite@stripped> wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 July 2006 02:10 am, Jon wrote:
> > CREATE  PROCEDURE sp_test1 (IN some_limit int)
> > select * from some_table limit some_limit;
> >
> > and
> > CREATE  PROCEDURE sp_test2 (IN some_table table)
> > select * from some_table;
> Well, first off with stored procedures the format is:
> CREATE PROCEDURE name (....)
> ......
> END $$
> DELIMITER is done so you can use ;'s within the stored procedure.

no need for using blocks and setting delimiter when it's only a single query

  The other
> thing too is that you're trying to select a table by a variable.  That
> doesn't quite work, and I've tried a dozen or so variations myself hoping
> it
> would.  You know, I'd almost LIKE someone to go "No you're wrong, you just
> need to do this..." ;)
> Well, that's kinda what I want to hear. A simple yes or no for both tables
and limits. I take it tables are a nono considering you've tried so many

Anyone who knows if the same is true for limits?

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