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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 17 1999 9:26pm
Subject:Re: ERes for Linux (fwd)
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>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher L Lott <chrisl@stripped>
> writes:

Christopher> I've included a snippet of a conversation I am having with a software 
Christopher> company that is basically discontinuing their Linux product in favor of 
Christopher> NT-- one of the primary reasons being that there is, according to him, no
Christopher> good SQL database app for Linux, as well as no good scripting languages. 
Christopher> Nothing up to the standards of ASP and SQL Server that is.

Christopher> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
Christopher> Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 10:18:25 -0700
Christopher> From: xxxxx
Christopher> To: Chris Lott <fncll@stripped>
Christopher> Subject: Re: ERes for Linux

Christopher> Hello Chris,
Christopher> I'm glad you gave me the opportunity to respond to some of your concerns 
Christopher> about ERes, with respect to the choice of operating system...

Christopher> [...]

Christopher> Yes, there are free (unsupported) SQL and scripting environments for Unix,
Christopher> for example, MySQL for the database and php for scripting, but although 
Christopher> they are good for small development projects, no company on the market 
Christopher> develops their professional systems using these tools.  MySQL is still 
Christopher> quite buggy, and support is essentially non-existent.  If we were to opt 
Christopher> for a Unix-based solution, it would have to be built using professional 
Christopher> tools, such as a ColdFusion application server and/or an Oracle/Informix 
Christopher> SQL database.  These  alone would raise the cost of ERes by 3 to 5 to 8 
Christopher> K.  And that doesn't count the fact that the actually development of the 
Christopher> system is much more straightforward using VBSCript, etc., which keeps our
Christopher> development costs down.

Christopher> I should also note that the performance of an NT system will be way more 
Christopher> than sufficient for an application such as ERes.  And at least in our 
Christopher> experience, NT offers better security:  while 3 of systems running under 
Christopher> Linux have been hacked in the last 9 months, we have had no reports of 
Christopher> problems from our sites running under NT.


To keep my answer short;  I disagree on almost of the above conclusions.
We at TCX offers excellent support on MySQL and I can sincerely say that I
don't think MySQL has any more bugs than any commercial SQL server :)
(I am inclined to say that we have much fewer bugs, mainly because we 
have a very huge installation base which uses MySQL to the fullest).

The only reason I can think of why any one would think that NT offers
better security is if the NT is not on the network.  It's quite easy
to kill any NT server over the network.  There was recently a contest
on the net between NT or Linux where a company invited hackers to
kill one of the above machines.  The problem was that the context had
to be canceled as the NT machine couldn't be keep up more than a
couple of minutes (You can find more information at

The major reason one can bring a Linux server down is if it's badly


PS: Which SQL server do they plan to use on NT and have they taken
    into account that doing development on NT is much higher than on Linux?
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