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From:Daniel da Veiga Date:July 6 2006 8:52pm
Subject:Re: Show tables replacement
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On 7/6/06, Ed Reed <EReed@stripped> wrote:
> Thanks for the helpful words. The fact of the matter is that I would love to upgrade
> but since 5.0x doesn't have all the capabilities of 4.1x, an upgrade is out of the
> question at this time. So I'm left to looking here for help.

What? An higher version not having some features of the lower
version?! What feature you need that 5 don't have and that exist in
4.1? I'm asking because I plan an upgrade in the next weeks.

Please, do not bump your question replying to yourself. We already
heard, no one had time/knowledge to help you, if they do, they'll
answer in your first mail.

As to your question, if there was a way of knowing the table name and
other info and getting a resultset out of it having access only to the
table (restrict access to information_schema at version 5), then I
guess SQL Injection attacks would ruin a LOT of sites. Table names are
supposed to be static, so, most apps hard code their names. (but that
IMHO). If someone point that out (I couldn't find it googling, nor
searching manuals) it would be pretty intersting.

Daniel da Veiga
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