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From:Chad Cunningham Date:April 17 1999 8:33pm
Subject:Mac OSX people
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I was looking through the archives and saw that a few people were asking

about MySQL on Apple's OSX. I gave it a shot just for fun the other day,

and found that mysql doesn't recognize apple-ppc-rhapsody as a build
platform. But I don't forsee this as a big problem. I have gotten PHP
running great on OSX server, and it was much easier than I expected. The

"porting" involved changing about 8 lines of code. One was to deal with
a compiler quirk, and the rest were to avoid a name conflict with a
system library.

So, assuming that MySQL is well written to be portable accross unix's,
which I'm sure it is, I believe it should be more than possible to get
it running on OSX. Hopefully, it will just be a matter of fixing some of

the bizzare compiler quirks (the osx compiler has a few interesting
interperatations of unions...). I plan to play with it a bit more next
week, but I am not the most knowledgeable about this stuff. If anyone
has any knowledge or support they would like to share, or are just
curious about this, or any topic dealing with *nix software on OSX, I've

set up a little mailing list to discuss this. To subscribe, send a note
to majordomo@stripped with

subscribe osx youremail@stripped

in the body. To sent messages, send a note to


Chad Cunningham

Mac OSX peopleChad Cunningham18 Apr