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From:Gabriel PREDA Date:July 2 2006 4:43pm
Subject:Re: Problems with: MySQL 5.0.21 - 64bit
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Spoken too soon...

Yesterday MySQL died again... there is nothing in the log files... (be
it mysqld.log, .err, or /var/log/messages).

The hosting provider is running an application called 'big-brother'
and a lot of sef-faults appear in the logs from this. I don't know if
thins is the cause... if this application is faulting mysql also...

The behaviour: the whole machine freezes... all that can be done is to
hit the RESET button on the machine !

Friday we downgraded from 5.0 to 4.1. At first we compiled the MySQL
server ourselvs... next we deleted it and installed a RPM version...
none worked...

It appears we hit bug 15815... (
So be aware with innodb_thread_concurency on 64bit machines...

Below are some values as an orientation... for
innodb_thread_concurency value per machine workload (at arround 600
simultaneous connections... all used):

innodb_thread_concurency / CPU-workload
8 / 90%
4 / 75 - 85%
3 / 60 - 70%
2 / 25%

So set it lower... lower... lower... when I left the office friday my
colleagues were still working at this... I'll keep you all updated !

Gabriel PREDA
Senior Web Developer
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