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From:Octavian Rasnita Date:July 1 2006 4:47am
Subject:what are those MySQL files for?
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In the /data/database_name directory I have found a few files I don't know
what they are used for. I have seen that some of them are pretty big. I
don't think it is safe to delete them, but can I do something to decrease
their size at least?

Here are those files and their sizes in MB:

1 #sql-2a91_cdf.frm
397 #sql-2a91_cdf.MYD
253 #sql-2a91_cdf.MYI
1 #sql-6094_2.frm
397 #sql-6094_2.MYD
1 #sql-6094_2.MYI
2 #sql-6094_2.TMD

Thank you.


what are those MySQL files for?Octavian Rasnita1 Jul
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