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From:Asif Lodhi Date:June 27 2006 10:58am
Subject:InnoDB obeyance of PRIMARY KEY constraint - confirmation
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I did read in the manual that the field level REFERENCES constraints
on InnoDB tables do not work as expected and one has to first define a
table level index and then create a table-level FOREIGN KEY constraint
for the field to make it work.

I just would like to know if that's the case with the field-level
PRIMARY KEY constraints as well.  Do I have to define table-level
PRIMARY KEY constraints as well?  I also did read that InnoDB is very
good at long PRIMARY KEYs.  Does "long primary keys" means keys having
more than one field? or keys having a greater character length?  In
case more fields per primary key are a problem, I am using unique
indexes to link-up my tables to insure my db's referential integrity.
I am not using any MyISAM tables.

Any comments/hints?

InnoDB obeyance of PRIMARY KEY constraint - confirmationAsif Lodhi27 Jun
  • Re: InnoDB obeyance of PRIMARY KEY constraint - confirmationGabriel PREDA27 Jun