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From:Martijn Tonies Date:June 27 2006 10:37am
Subject:Re: TINYTEXT != VARCHAR(255) ? (Advanced Data Generator related)
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Hello Denis,

> I have a question related to the two MySQL data types mentioned in the
> subject. Are they totally identical or not?
> I am asking this question due to the problem I am facing right now. The
> thing is that yesterday I downloaded a tool named Advanced Data Generator
> for MySQL (by Upscene Productions) and tried to fill my database with some
> test data. However I was not able to set the option named "Fill with" to
> "Preset" for TINYTEXT fields while it is allowed for VARCHAR fields. This
> means that that tool makes some difference between these two types, but

TinyText is recognized as "(text) blob". Good call though, it should
be recognized as a varying length character type instead.

However -- did you download the MySQL Edition or the Pro Edition which
uses ADO or ODBC connectivity? I can imagine that if you're using ODBC,
the driver would return it as text-blob, in which there's no way to
the special tinytext type.

> AFAIK some of the developers of this tool are here on the list so any
> from them will be highly appreciated!

You can continue writing me personally instead :-)

Martijn Tonies
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Upscene Productions
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