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From:Harry Brueckner Date:November 30 1999 11:31am
Subject:Problem with 3.23.6a
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since I upgraded from MySQL 3.22.25 to 3.23.6a on my Linux 2.0.36 box and
converted all databases to the MyISAM format, I regularly get those
messages for alot of my databases and tables. I run a database check every
night which verifies the databases with "myisamchk -s ..."

/home/mysql/bin/myisamchk: ISAM file cthv/customer.MYI
/home/mysql/bin/myisamchk: error: Key 1 doesn't point at all records
MyISAM-table 'cthv/customer.MYI' is corrupted
Fix it using switch "-r" or "-o"

/home/mysql/bin/myisamchk: MyISAM file fnet/bericht.MYI
/home/mysql/bin/myisamchk: warning: 2 clients is using or hasn't closed the
table properly
MyISAM-table 'fnet/bericht.MYI' is usable but should be fixed

After I repair it it takes 1 or 2 days until I get the very same problems
again. :-(
I access the databases with PHP3 and C programs which up to now all use the
old 3.22.25 libraries. With the old 3.22.25 database I didnt have any
problems with corrupted index files and things like the above messages. :-(

What could be wrong and what can I do against these problems so I do not
have to repair the tables every day?

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